I hope you’re H-A-P-P-Y

Ya’ll know about my love for Kpop right? So my main girls 2NE1 just released their 2nd album Crush and their music videos for the songs “Come Back Home” and “Happy”.
Let me tell you now that this is not a review of the videos but here they are in case you haven’t seen them yet.
Come Back Home


I like both songs but I have to admit that I like Happy MV more for the cutesies.

Speaking of the Happy music video, after watching it multiple times something was bugging me about some of their outfits like I’ve seen them before somewhere, then it hit me, they were the same exact ones from Robyn’s “Handle Me” music video. That song is my jam! I remember in college when I’m listening to it while walking I feel like I’m making a music video of my own and just feel all swaggy and shait. That must’ve been awkward to whoever saw me, not for me. I felt coolio. Lols.

Handle Me

What I find fascinating is the Handle Me video was released about 7 years ago and it seems that now the outfits actually fit in with the current trends. I remember people found Robyn’s style too outrageous then, but now I think people are more open to those kinds of outfits. I know that both Robyn and 2NE1 are friends with Jeremy Scott who styled them for their vids. But really? He let them wear the same exact outfits, not even change the combos or something? But I’m not complaining. I think I’m the only one who noticed anyway.

Here are some screencaps:

Happy 2NE1 Sorry guys I can’t save you from the derp.




He should’ve made Sandara wear this. I mean come on! She can rock a freakin’ jukebox dress! That’s my favorite out of all the outfits in the Handle Me video. Where can I get one for myself?



Please take this post of shame as an apology for disappointing the god of blog promises and also for disappointing you guys. By “you guys” I might actually just mean me. You see, I have been meaning to really get into my blogging for real ever since my last post. Been a long time, I know. But I have been so conflicted with every aspect in my life, I guess I’m really just at that point in my life. Start playing the sad tear inducing slow music ala The Buzz or whatever chismis shows there is on TV nowadays. I just didn’t want to consistently blog about sad things, you know? Just a little bit here and there is fine. I’m human after all. I just didn’t want a post to seem forced for the sake of posting something, thus my lengthy absence.

Lately I’m feeling fairly determined to clean this mess I call my quarter life crisis. Starting by cleaning my room. For those who know me knows that when I get messy I mean business. I make mess with all the energy I can muster. As soon as I enter my room I step on piles of laundry, when I lie on my bed I need to contort my body in a way I don’t knock down any of the shit I have on the bed. Hahaha! Sad to admit but material things are more important than my comfort. My priorities are seriously effed up. My mom always asks how the hell can I think with all the mess I have lying around. I’ve always answered with “I can work better with mess.” And it’s true, but just to a certain degree. Now it has gone overboard that I think very probable that is has taken over my coconut.

I just realized that if you really want to improve your life go at it one thing at a time. Start with something you can control like cleaning room, or changing sleeping habits, diet etc. Don’t add more frustration on yourself by trying to take on different changes at the same time, or trying control something that is out of your hands. That, I have learned the hard way. It’s like trying to take 10 steps in one leap. You’re just gonna end up straining yourself and feel more stuck than ever.

Let me just end here. I feel like I’m reading some article from thought catalog. Believe me I think I’ve abused that site from reading trying to validate whatever premature adult drama I’m going through. So ciao for now. You’re gonna see more of me!



I’ve bookmarked these for weeks now but our internet connection has been real bad lately. It seems good tonight so YEEEEY WISHLIST!

All of these are from SimplyBe


Oooh so sparkly and nice! I love the high-low skirt and the black and gold combo. This is something I would definitely wear for formal events or some fancy dinner.

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SM City Great Northern Sale HAUL!

Well, it’s not really a haul haul but I bought a few things in 2 days out of the 3-day so called Great Northern Sale. Me and my mom didn’t really ravage the whole mall. It was jam-packed during those days, as one who practically grew up in SM would expect so we already planned the shops we would go to before hand. On Friday I went to Forever 21 while my mom went to Uniqlo, and on Saturday we went in for the kill in the Department Store.

Here is my so called haul:


  • Leopard top from Forever 21 (this was not on sale though)
  • Blue top from SM Store (50% off from P1199)
  • Leopard print top from SM Store (50% off from P700)


  • Black studded satchel from SM Store (P699 buy1take1 with my mom)
  • Primadonna sandals (P699 I think it was on sale. Haha!)
  • Kitty socks and Smiley bracelet from Forever 21

Seeing all these laid out I realized there seems to be some feline and studded theme I’m going for on both days I just didn’t realize it.

Outfit shots GO GO!



So……. in 3 months time I’ll be turning 25, my big silver anniversary as a human specie, precious blessing to my parents, and marking the end of the first quarter of my life… That is assuming that I’ll get to live a hundred. I’ve developed a bad habit of window shopping online and I thought why not share on here the stuff that I like on different websites. My friends and family might have a hard time deciding what to get me, so I thought why not help them with putting together a wishlist of things I want. *wink wink* 

I’m making separate posts for different brands. So many stores, so may clothes, so little time. LOL

Let’s start with…

ASOS Curve & Inspire


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